Now designers and teams have a large library of colors ready to go straight to production, reducing the timeline considerably.
Sophicolor Collections consists of 4500 production friendly, ready-now colors that are sold separately in three collections.
Cellestrial and
Introducing the first ever web-based “accurate color viewing” experience for designers, fashion designers, and colorists who can finally enjoy accurate color viewing as they review the latest trend intelligence
Introducing the First Sophicolor Collections Index book – Celestial. 1500 of our brightest and lightest shades are presented in a binder format for portability and easy reference.

Welcome to Sophicolor Collections

Here at Precision Textile Color, we think about color all day every day. Our Sophicolor Collections of 4500 colors were created to help designers by providing more readily available color choices, today. Faster time to market is a driver for most changes in retail companies. When a designer or team has a large library of colors ready to go straight to production, the timeline is reduced considerably.

Sophicolor Video Sophicolor Collections consists of three separate color box sets that can be purchased separately, Sophicolor Earthen Collection, Celestial Colletion and Botanical Collection. Sophicolors are available for purchase individually via client account page along with our Adopt-A-Color vendor online swatch ordering.