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About Us

Sophicolor offers extensive color swatch collections, custom dyeing and global color management services for textile colors, specifically for apparel, footwear, accessories, soft goods, home and interiors.

Designers use Sophicolor to source their color standards, economically dye custom color lines and to manage their colors directly with mills and vendors globally. As a one stop shop for all your color needs, we offer a comprehensive color management service or buy a la carte. Sophicolor works with many of the biggest and best brands in the world.

We have the largest selection of cotton textile colors (4500) in the market and an archive of an additional 25,000+. We also offer synthetic neons and sport-inspired standards in nylon, for athletic and intimate apparel. Colors are available in libraries, index books and individual swatches.

Founder and CEO Mary Vigeant spent years working in apparel color development labs where she worked alongside fashion designers, developing seasonal color lines. She learned their process, the need for colors specifically created for textiles, shorter lead times and highly responsive customer service.

In 2005, Mary took that insight and expertise and founded Sophicolor, as Precision Textile Color. It started as a custom dye house for the development of apparel color standards for the women’s and men’s markets.

After developing countless colors, she foresaw a unique opportunity to use her massive archive to create exciting new color libraries for the textile-based fashion and home industries. She could offer more choice to designers with limited market options. This was a first in the color development industry, new libraries were developed from colors originally designed for apparel.

Being the first in the US to use advanced ChromaShare technology, they measured 6000+ colors, and culled them down to 4500 extraordinary colors that are now the Sophicolor Collections.

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