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Meet the earthen collection

Sophicolor’s Earthen Collection was inspired by the natural world, and there is no better muse than Mother Nature.

From the crisp whites of Snow, to the warm browns of Sandstone, the dark greys and blacks of Onyx, and all the herbal greens, rusty reds, and sandy beiges in between, there is an Earthen Collection color to complement your neutral palette.

Each of the three Sophicolor Collections consists of 1,500 unique colors divided into 60 “Stacks.” Each Stack is named after the natural element that inspired the color selection.

Neutral colors can be hard to choose, and we think a bigger selection is better. With all our neutrals to choose from, the perfect grey you’ve been looking for can be found here in the Earthen Collection. Need a light grey? Check out the Linen and Dove Stacks for warm and cool-toned light greys. Need a medium, blue-hued grey? We have that too! Try the Steel or Lead Stacks. Need a dark grey, or maybe black? Of course, there is the Onyx Stack, but also look at Dark Lava, Night, and Brunette.

Our Earthen Collection is available to purchase as a Collection Box, Index Book, by individual Stack, or à la carte swatches and chiclets. We provide FREE spectral data and Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase) files and ship globally.

Need help choosing the right color? Email us at info@sophicolor.com

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