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For Designers

Sophicolor is a total textile color management service.

Sophicolor Services

We serve fashion and home companies from startups to the biggest retail brands in the world.
We’re a one stop shop for all your color needs.

Sophicolor Color Collections

We have 3 collections of 1500 cotton colors each, Earthen, Celestial, and Botanical. Colors are presented in archival quality box sets, index books or individual swatches. neons and sport-inspired nylon collections are also available.

Color Archive

If you don’t find your desired shade in Sophicolor, we search our extensive archive of 25,000+ shades for your match, potentially saving you the cost of custom dyeing.

Custom Color Dyeing

We cost effectively dye your unique color lines from scratch and develop global color standards.

Color Communication

We provide the recipe and spectral data for FREE on all your colors, shortening lead times and increasing accuracy. We also provide FREE Adobe .ase swatch exchange codes.

Adopt-a-Color Management

Let us do the work. We will store, tag and seamlessly ship your color standards directly to your global supply chain, saving lead time and money. Vendors can also set up an account and buy your standards directly.

Free Color Trend Forecast

We offer FREE digital access to our seasonal color trend forecasts. Actual palettes are available for purchase.

Easy to Use Functions

Our simple user dashboard includes:

  • Easy shopping & fast response time
  • Confidential color palette storage
  • Controlled access to your company’s colors
  • Customized naming, season and client numbers
  • Adopt-a-Color vendor ordering distribution service
  • Order history and tracking directly from your account page

Color Trend Forecasts

Sophicolor offers free digital seasonal trend forecasts, available 18 months before the season. These exciting forecasts include suggested palettes for purchase.

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